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1), relocation of Coordination
If you are found in the implementation of corporate relocation, office relocation moving company can not just once completed?
Room fine instruments need professional assistance the whole moving equipment, and packaging services to do proper positioning arrangement. OA furniture removal assembly work is not completely take care of their own employees, not to mention the implementation of telecommunications network configuration but also professional.
2), packaging, management experts
Label in various objects.
Professional company relocation process:
1), determine the date and time of removal
2), preparation of new office floor plan, and plan where things
3), notify the moving company
4), order packing and packing personal belongings
5), computer and telephone number removal
6), guard, assigned staff, ready to move
7), command handlers, positioning the office file cabinet
8), computer and telephone wiring installation
9), public and individual carton positioning
1, plan to color-coded, is simple and straightforward.
2, items marked with code (such as 309 rooms), simple and convenient than using text.
3, the relocation of the office more than the average professional home moving, moving expenses is not easy to decide which level to as a moving company.
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